It’s your money, shouldn’t you receive it as fast as possible?

How would you feel if you opened your mailbox tomorrow and suddenly discovered an unexpected check for $1,000? After you opened the envelope to reveal the check, you would more than likely study the return address, read all the contents and possibly even pull the envelope apart in order to determine the source of this extra money.

How exciting would that be when you find out that yes, the money is yours?

APEX Billing will do much more for you than just put extra money in your pocket. APEX provides you with extra income while procuring your money faster with monthly

APEX Billing will:

  • Make municipality expenses disappear
  • Send checks, never invoice
  • Protect you from utility rate increases and spikes
  • Insulate you from municipality misreading
  • Inform you through real-time leak usage reports
  • Provide a user-friendly utility billing program
  • Furnish you with a thorough analysis of your utility bills
  • Keep you up-to-date with site analysis

It’s your money, shouldn’t you receive it as fast as possible?