2-2Let’s be honest. Nobody enjoys having to pay bills. Likewise, no one really enjoys having to research municipality invoices.  It is virtually impossible to know if they are correct…until now

Introducing APEX Advantage. APEX Advantage helps your company automate the utility invoice process. Customers, like you, choose APEX advantage to eliminate the manual work tied to:

  • Capturing utility information
  • Tracking utility information
  • Analyzing vital utility information

Accurate Billing

APEX Advantage enables comparative benchmarking with an integrated solution to the ENERGY STAR program. You can rely on our multi-step error checking process to ensure that your bills are accurate.

Research shows that companies needlessly overspend on utilities every year by approximately 15% simply because they don’t have adequate visibility into their spending and usage.

Save 15%

APEX Advantage can not only help you save that 15% but can also help you streamline payments and completely automate bill processing from utility invoice receipt through payment.

Advantage – APEX