Do you remember when we used to actually drive to a store to buy music on CD’s? Do you recall carrying around a little leather bound appointment book or running out to Blockbuster to rent a movie on Friday night?  Times certainly have changed.

Times have also changed with utility billing and expense management. If your program hasn’t evolved, you may be operating with the equivalent of a VCR instead of online video streaming video.

Gone are the inefficient days where you and your staff have to manually struggle with managing your tenant’s utilities. APEX Billing will help you handle utility bills from start to finish with:

  • Daily readings
  • Real-time reporting
  • Software integration

In fact, APEX will even identify the inaccuracies in your bills and resolve municipality issues on your behalf. How’s that for service?

Making your life easier and helping you increase your bottom line. That’s what we do at APEX Billing.