A Letter From Our President

At Apex Billing Solutions, our focus has and always will be putting our customers and their needs first! When we started our business over a decade ago, we began by meeting with developers, property owners and managers to help us in understanding client needs and expectations within our industry. We quickly jumped into action with our clients to perform thorough audits, identifying key areas of waste. We identified points of pain our clients were experiencing and what left them frustrated. Common denominators such as ever-increasing utility costs, lack of occupant conservation efforts, disconnected billing providers, maintaining qualified billing staff, complicated internal billing systems, and budgeting just to name a few. We knew that our clients must have tenant turnover fears if they were to pass along the cost for solutions to these problems. As a result, we refined The Apex Billing Solution, and our systems to maximize client ROI, which has allowed Apex the opportunity to be considered the solutions provider for owners, operators, and managers of multi-unit communities across the country.

As President of Apex Billing Solutions, I personally understand what is facing all of us today as business owners. Equipped with this knowledge, I have positioned Apex to help you alleviate and offset some of the ever-increasing cost of operating your business and pledge to continue providing the best billing solution in the industry. Apex will consistently be efficient, effective, and innovative so our clients can experience security and stability for years to come. I personally want to thank each of our clients for your business and continued support! I would also like to extend an invitation to those we do not currently serve to become a member of the Apex family of clients. I welcome you to experience service the way service was meant to be at our customer focused company.

Curt Thompson