Property Audits

Your property is unique and deserves a tailored program to maximize the return on investment. We perform a professional property audit to determine the best turn key solution for your property. Based on the plumbing configuration, construction and your budget, we will recommend the best solution and equipment to meet your needs. The property audit includes an optional market survey to assist in your decision in implementing the most effective billing and ancillary services program.

A dedicated implementation manager will meet with your team and develop an implementation plan for the deployment of your billing program. In Addition, municipality bills are audited to ensure accuracy.

Our detailed audits continue every month to eliminate costly and wasteful leaks. Your property manager will be provided usage reports that detail high/low usage and vacant apartments with usage.

Value-added Services

  • Apex Billing provides value-added services for your residents, additional income for your property
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Waste Management
  • Property Audits


As multifamily specialists, we understand the demands that property managers face. That’s why each property is assigned a dedicated accounts who will help familiarize property staff with our system.

From assisting in the initial communication to your residents, through the deployment and on-going billing and collections program, your accounts manager will be there step by step to ensure that your program is the most successful it can be.