In this era of ever increasing utility costs, are you looking for a solution to control your utility expenses and improve your bottom line? Whether you are looking to control your water, sewer, gas or electric expenses, APEX has a solution for you. These options include the installation of submeters and the use of allocation systems that distribute expenses to tenants via factors such as square footage or number of occupants in each unit.

As an owner-manager of your community, why not outsource your utility management to an expert. APEX has designed a billing program that is user-friendly for you, your property managers, regional managers and residents. With APEX you will receive:

    1. user-friendly utility billing program entirely managed by APEX;
    2. thorough analysis of your utility bills;
    3. regulatory alerts;
    4. suggested lease language
    5. on-site training by our training team; and
    6. site analysis by our meter installation team.

Whether you choose to install submetering equipment or use an allocation program, our billing methods have been proven to reduce your expenses, encourage conservation, and prompt tenants to report leaks on a timely basis. In most areas, there is no cost to you for our billing services since our monthly billing fee can legally be charged to the tenants on their bills. These services have been so successful, thousands of communities nationwide currently utilize our utility billing


    • Accurate, On-Time Billing
    • On-Time Reimbursements
    • 20-30% Conservation Effect
    • Property Collect Vs. APEXcollect
    • Performance Based Fee Structure
    • Municipality Reconciliation/Audits
    • Robust Collections (Including Phone Calls & Late Letters)
    • Leak Detection
    • Regulatory Support
    • Dedicated Billing Managers
    • EDE (Electronic Data Exchange)
    • Customer Service
    • Student Housing, Condos, Apartments, Commercial, HOAs