APEX Billing Solutions is the nation’s premier provider of submeter installation and consulting services. APEX’s installation team consists of several licensed plumbers and general contractors who have many years of experience in the submetering industry nationwide. Our experts can work with you on system design, product placement, regulatory compliance, as well as numerous other issues related to the design and installation of a sub metering system.

Apex Will Provide the Following

  • In-house dedicated equipment team
  • Consultation on new construction and retrofit projects for water, gas or electric submetering
  • Guidance on which types of non-proprietary meters and communication systems to use
  • Expert advice from industry veterans
  • Licensed plumbers, general contractors and state approved service agents will guide you through the process
  • Industry leading regulatory consultation
  • Cutting edge technologies
  • Financial analysis, including expected return on investment
  • Maintenance/repair support· monthly meter health
  • Leak detection