Vacant Cost Recovery (VCR) essentially recovers utility charges that are currently in the community’s name instead of the resident’s. APEX identifies the delinquent residents and recovers amounts due by reconciling vacant unit utility bills with rent rolls monthly. Vacant management tracks utility consumption which can be a significant financial drain. With APEX’s program, your team will be provided with the reporting and information needed to proactively manage your property’s
vacant unit utility consumption.

Our VCR program has been proven to reduce expenses, encourage conservation, and cause residents to take responsibility for utilities on a timely basis. These services have been so successful, owners and managers are recovering on average, $10 per unit annually. Combined with one of APEX’s Utility Billing Programs, Vacant Cost Recovery charges may be billed and collected together.


    • Saves Property Managers Time
    • Automated Reconciliation Process
    • Average $10/unit Annual Recovery
    • Vacant Usage Bench Marking
    • Vacant Utility Charges Directly Uploaded
    • lncentivize Residents to Put Utilities in Their Name