Accounts Payable Automation

If Trees Could Talk

Imagine for just a moment if trees could talk. Sounds strange I know but what if they could? If trees could talk the conversation might go something like this:

“Hey you over there,” the tree might say.tree illustrated

“Yeah, it’s me the talking tree.” You look around thinking, wow, it sure has been a long day. Who is that talking to me.

“Over here,” the tree whispers.

You edge closer to the tree carefully looking around to make sure no one is watching.

“Help me out here,” the tree sighs.

“How can I help?” You reply.

“Well, it’s kind of like this. I’ve seen all of that paper you have been using to bill your residents for utilities. And, well, you know… each invoice requires about 4 sheets of paper for the envelopes, the check and the invoice itself.” You nod your head in agreement.

“It only takes 167 invoices per month to take out one of us trees in a year.” You nod your head and look up at the tree.

“I could be next,” the tree laments.

APEX Billing can positively impact the environment through our automated invoice processing. By processing invoices and payments electronically, our program allows companies to go paperless which reduces harmful waste and preserves natural resources.

Do the Math

Did you know that 10% of all toilets leak approximately 100 gallons of water per day? With the average water and sewer rate being $15 per 1,000 gallons, that toilet leak can run up some pretty steep bills as well as deplete the environment.

 In fact, let’s do the math!

 Let’s say a 300 space community has an average of 600 Toilets. Take the 600 toilets and multiply it by 10%. What do we have? 60 leaking toilets!

  1. Those 60 leaking toilets are wasting 100 gallons per day which adds up to 6,000 gallons lost every single day.
  2. So let’s keep doing some math. 6,000 Gallons X 30 Days = 180,000 gallons lost per month! Incredible!
  3. A little more math and we end up with a $2,700 monthly expense wasted on leaky toilets.

Losing $32,400 annually due to leaking toilets is bad for you, bad for your residents and bad for the environment.

 APEX Billing can save you money, create new cash flow for you and encourage conservation.

 Do the Math – With APEX Billing it all adds up to savings!

It’s your money, shouldn’t you receive it as fast as possible?

How would you feel if you opened your mailbox tomorrow and suddenly discovered an unexpected check for $1,000? After you opened the envelope to reveal the check, you would more than likely study the return address, read all the contents and possibly even pull the envelope apart in order to determine the source of this extra money.

How exciting would that be when you find out that yes, the money is yours?

APEX Billing will do much more for you than just put extra money in your pocket. APEX provides you with extra income while procuring your money faster with monthly

APEX Billing will:

  • Make municipality expenses disappear
  • Send checks, never invoice
  • Protect you from utility rate increases and spikes
  • Insulate you from municipality misreading
  • Inform you through real-time leak usage reports
  • Provide a user-friendly utility billing program
  • Furnish you with a thorough analysis of your utility bills
  • Keep you up-to-date with site analysis

It’s your money, shouldn’t you receive it as fast as possible?